Devil’s Waterfall – Ombrigüela Bridge Route

Distance:6’5 km (one way)

Difficult: low

Marks: not marked (but without difficulty)

The route starts from Villanueva, we leave the village in the direction of Madrigal de la Vera by the EX-203, we walk along the right side of the road with sufficient width so that there is no danger to vehicles.

Approximately one kilometer ahead, on the right, we see the sign for the Mirador de la Cascada del Diablo (Devil’s Waterfall Viewpoint), located only 150 meters from the road.

After visiting the Cascada del Diablo, we cross the road, through a crosswalk, to take the road to the Gualtaminos Natural Pool, now from the left bank. We enter the Natural Swimming Pool of Villanueva de la Vera, through a shady riverside forest.

The natural swimming pool can be enjoyed during the summer months, it is equipped with a swimming area for adults and children, lifeguard, toilets, restaurant, etc.

We leave the pool on our left and continue along an asphalt road, we pass under an arch and see three roads, we take the middle one, cemented in its first section and with the indication of a yellow arrow that leads to Shorin-ji, Zen Temple.

We always follow the main road without deviating to the right or left.

About 4 km from the swimming pool, we arrive at a crossroads, take the road to the left.

After about 400 m, there is another crossroads and we take the road to the right, we will see a road sign indicating the slope of the road and we arrive at the Ombrigüela Bridge, which crosses the Minchones Gorge.

After the bridge there are some stones that prevent the passage of vehicles, we cross the stones and walk along a path that leads the gorge always to the left until you reach the Charco de La Junta, beautiful bathing area, where they meet the Minchones Gorge and the Garganta de la Hoz.

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