Gualtaminos Gorge

The Gualtaminos Gorge in Villanueva de la Vera, is a watercourse, a tributary of the Tietar River, belonging to the Tajo river basin.

The word Gualtaminos, is a hydronym that in Arabic would mean “throat that does not dry up”.

In its course is the well-known Cascada del Diablo (Devil’s Waterfall), at the height of the municipality.

To reach the pools and bathing areas of the gorge, we leave behind the aforementioned Cascada del Diablo (Devil’s Waterfall).

The first puddle we find is the well-known “El Librito” puddle, a natural spot full of beauty with significant changes in the landscape depending on the time of the year. In winter the riverbed overflows, while in summer, rock formations resurface, paths, streams and puddles reappear.

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