Conception Church

The Church of La Concepción was built in the 16th century and is currently declared a Monument of Cultural Interest. It is located in the Plaza del Cementerio or also known as Plaza Santa Ana.

The main purpose of its construction was to accommodate the faithful of the four surrounding villages. It was built with granite masonry walls reinforced by ashlars in the corners and exterior buttresses.

On the outside of the building, there are two coats of arms – coats of arms of the Zúñiga (on the left) and Velasco (on the right) families, known as the Counts of Nieva.

In the interior we can observe three unequal naves. The central one is twice the size of the lateral ones, which follows the Gothic tradition with some Renaissance forms. On each side of the transept we see two altars whose fronts are made with 16th century Talavera tiles.

The vault of the Main Chapel, of starred ribbed vaulting, is sculpted with the coat of arms of Bishop Don Gutierre de Varga Carvajal. In the sacristy, the central keystone of the vault is sculpted with the coat of arms of Don Pedro Ponce de León, under whose bishopric the church was inaugurated on March 4, 1571, and the main altarpiece and baptismal font were brought from the old church of San Justo.

Also noteworthy is a carving of Saint Anthony by the sculptor Aniceto Marinas, married to a Villanueva resident and whose prestige in the town gave its name to the Plaza Mayor.

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