Main Square or Aniceto Marinas Square

The Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de la Vera is a typical example of Verata’s popular architecture, pentagonal and porticoed, mostly occupied by arcades on stone columns.

The houses in the square have four floors with wooden balconies.

The irregularly shaped square is surrounded by arcades where the market was held, in addition to serving as a shelter in the abundant rainy days. The contrast in the construction stands out, each house is built in different styles, as well as the pillars that support the “portals”, also different in each of the sections.

On the east side stands the building of the old inn, on round granite columns carved in one piece, worn by the passage of time and the use that butchers made of them to sharpen their knives, topping the columns, the coat of arms of the Zúñiga.

The square is polygonal, wide and arcaded. The perimeter is mostly occupied by arcades on stone and wood columns, except in the northern part, which rests on semicircular arches. To the west, the pillars are thick, with columns formed by granite ashlars.

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