Peropalo Interpretation Center

The Interpretation Center is dedicated, on the one hand to bring the Peropalo festival closer to visitors, as a symbol of the town’s identity, and on the other hand to make known the culture and traditions of Villanueva de la Vera, a town that has managed to maintain its identity through music, folklore and its festivals.

The Peropalo has been declared a festival of regional tourist interest since 1965. It is an ancestral celebration, which includes different elements typical of rural carnivals.

On the one hand, the wimp or evildoer and some symbols that surround him are fertility rites present in the pagan winter festivals.

On the other hand, Pero Palo is identified with Judas, which links it with the religious festivities of the XV and XVI centuries, typical of the Holy Week.

It also includes elements of the so-called carnivals of animas, with parades, flag dances and drumbeats… whose origin comes from the military displays at the time of the Catholic Kings and finally, it represents the conflict between Jews and Christians of the time.

The exact origins of the character and the festival are unknown, but El Peropalo is a symbol of freedom, of vital joy and of the forces of nature, it is a celebration of great chromatic and musical beauty, an example of the identity of a people. Every year with the arrival of the carnival PeroPalo REVIVES. The interpretation center explains the rituals that take place during these days and whose common thread is the execution of this evildoer.


On the other hand, the objects, tools and samples that are exhibited in the center reflect the daily life of the partochos in different periods and show how the customs and traditions of the people have developed to give value and make known to future generations the origins of some of the uses and traditions of the present, to understand the context and culture of Villanueva de la Vera through elements such as farm tools, kitchen utensils, traditional clothing, textile crafts and jewelry, among others, are some of the elements that can be found in the center.

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